Clark High School Band

Latest Updates:

5/23/19 - Band Banquet.  Check back next week for Spring Concert.  Thanks for your patience.  We had 5 photography events in 7 days.

3/30/19 - P-Town Jazz Festival

2/8/19 - Pasta Concerto

1/16/19 - Mid-Winter concert

11/10/18 - Clark Drum Line Lewisville competition

11/8/18 - Homecoming pep rally

11/7/18 - Williams game & 8th grade band night

11/1/18 - McMillan Game

10/24/18 - UIL Added

10/11/18 - Central Cluster Preview Up

10/9/18 - Princeton contest up.  More pictures added to Vines

10/5/18 - Vines Game

10/3/18 - More pictures added to Sachse Game

09/28/18 - Sachse Game & Drumline @ PDLC

09/26/18 - Mattress Fundraiser Day

09/16/18 - Jasper Game

09/10/18  - Week of Lightning (Combined Rehearsal, Shepton "game", & Combined "game")

Band Banquet - 05/11/2019

5/11/2019 - CHS Band Banquet

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Who are we??? We are a small group of parents who happen to have band students and a photography hobby. We are not professionals.

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Thank you.

- Clark Band Photography Committee.

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